Why Choose Us?

You have many options. Ultimately, why should you choose American Homes?

• Experience and expertise combined experience of over 60 years in factory built housing, and serving customers of Louisiana and surrounding areas.

• Plan customization with focus on specific details for each home buyer. That experience can be put to work for you.

• A high level of service that was appreciated yesterday and has a place in relationships today.

• A flexible process that acknowledges the uniqueness of each customer, and his or her design and needs.

• A partnership with an exceptional manufacturer – Deer Valley Homebuilders.

Deer Valley Homebuilders understands that purchasing a home is a considerable undertaking and significant investment. With Deer Valley, building materials are not compromised. Home building materials, energy efficiency and workmanship remain paramount and our driving force.

Numerous advantages are considerably evident through in-facility controlled environment building. Deer Valley Homebuilders homes are constructed without exposure to the elements. Building components stay dry and weather delays are minimized.

In plant continual inspections result in compliance with improved current energy and construction codes. Our monitored, improved techniques coupled with supply component advances result in tighter, stronger construction and enhanced energy efficiency. Controlled, planned construction improves scheduled timeline completion and saves money.


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